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Rampaging Bull Takes Revenge on Six Bullfighters


Rampaging Bull Takes Revenge on Six Bullfighters

This is the shocking moment a bull takes revenge on six bullfighters during an event in central Portugal.

Video footage shows the animal charging at the bullfighters, throwing them left, right and centre, and causing one of them to have a seizure in the arena.

The man is aided by his team-mates and bystanders, and the footage shows him being carried out of the arena with the bull still fighting in the background.

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Final act: Towards the end of a Portuguese bullfight, a group of eight fighters called 'forcacos' aim to take the animal down unarmed
Suit yourself: Unsurprisingly, the angry bull charges at the group of men, sending them flying
Unexpected twist: One of the bullfighters suffers a seizure during the battle in the arena

Local media reports that the man, named as Fábio Francisco was taken to hospital, but later recovered from the incident, allegedly caused by a head injury.

Unlike in Spanish bullfighting tradition, the main Portuguese bullfighter battles the animal while on horseback.

The rider tries to stick a significant number of colourful sticks with sharp metal ends – known as bandarilhas – into the animal’s back, specifically to cause pain and bleeding to tire out the animal.

Mess with the bull: As some jump over the fence to help, the man's fellow bullfighters are run over by the powerful animal
Aid: The fighter was rushed to hospital and has since been released to recover at home, according to a local news website

The video, from Chamusca, central Portugal, appears to show the moment towards the end of the fight, called the ‘pega’ which involves a group of eight bullfighters called ‘forcacos’.

The ‘forcacos’ – unarmed men on foot – provoke the bull in the hope it will charge at them, with the man seen in a green hat in the video jumping onto the bull’s head after which the others surround the animals.

They then hope to be able to hold on until the bull is subdued.

A traditional Portuguese bull-fight does not end with a death in the arena – the bull is either slaughtered by a butcher afterwards or restored to full health and allowed to be used for breeding.


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