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Daycare Worker Shares Why She’d NEVER Take a Sleeping Child


Daycare Worker Shares Why She’d NEVER Take a Sleeping Child

A former daycare worker has shared the startling reason that she refuses to take charge of a sleeping child — and insists on waking up any snoozing babies before caring for them.

The anonymous poster, who now works as a babysitter, said she was taught at her old job never to let a parent leave a child that was asleep.

She eventually learned the dangerous reason why: Abusive parents sometimes injure and then drug children before dropping them off with caregivers, and then blame the caregivers for damage done to the child.

Scary: A former daycare worker said she learned to never let parents leave a sleeping child with them because abusers will sometimes cause injury and then drug a child to make it sleep

The story originally appeared in a Reddit post three months ago in a thread about catching people lying.

The poster, who went only by 56149, earned attention for the story, and it eventually ended up on Imgur and BoredPanda.

‘I worked daycare and was told to never accept babies sleeping in car seats or sleeping children at all, she wrote.

‘So if Mom or Dad brought a kid asleep, I immediately woke them up and pulled them out of their car seat. This made so many parents displeased with me but it’s policy.

‘I used to think it was to help the kid be on a schedule, then one day a grandma brought a baby asleep and he was not waking up at all. Just would raise his head, whimper, and go back to sleep.

‘Immediately my boss called 911 and grandma was trying to downplay — “He had a rough night, he’s just tired, etc.”

‘I knew this baby, he wouldn’t sleep if he thought he was going to miss out. We had music playing and kids loudly singing and dancing. In the chaos, grandma slipped out and at some point someone called the parents.

‘Turns out Granny had a history of giving kids stuff to knock them out when she babysat, but this time she did it to a 6 month old and that’s why he wouldn’t wake up. I think they pumped the kid’s stomach and he had a stay at the hospital.

‘Legal actions were taken and the family moved away,’ she wrote.

‘To clarify, the policy was put in place because my boss knew abusers have been known to do this.

‘They’d break the kid’s arm, dose them, dump them with the sitter who lets the baby sleep all morning then because the kid was with the sitter all day, it’s easy to blame them for the baby’s injury.

‘Or worse, the baby died and they do this to blame the sitter.

‘So yeah, to this day if I’m babysitting, I don’t accept sleeping children. I flat-out refuse to watch kids at their home while they’re sleeping for the same reason.

‘I’ve pretty much stopped doing any childcare because as much as I love kids, watching parents make bad decisions on purpose, when they know better, was killing my soul.’

Commenters were horrified by the story. A few shared their own knowledge on the subject, including one who pointed out that a sleeping baby may also be hiding shaken baby syndrome.

‘I volunteer in my church nursery and we accept sleeping babies, I’ll have to talk to our director about this,’ wrote one commenter.


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