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The Horrific Injuries Suffered by an Aussie Teenage Hero


The Horrific Injuries Suffered by an Aussie Teenage Hero

Dean Webber had no idea what hit him when three burly men ripped his screen door off its tracks and stormed the scrawny teen’s home.

Seconds later they grabbed him ’round the throat, lifted him off the ground and then threw him to the floor where all three men set upon him’.

A photo taken by police after his arrest in Alva Beach, North Queensland, last Sunday night shows a deep red hand print on his neck and a cut on his forehead.

The 19-year-old only survived by allegedly thrusting a 15cm kitchen knife into the darkness, stabbing two of his assailants three times, according to police.

A photo taken by police after Dean Webber's arrest shows a deep red hand print on his neck and a gash on his forehead from when three men stormed his home,ย grabbed him 'round the throat, lifted him off the ground and then threw him to the floor'

Corey Christensen, 37, and Tom Davy, 27, then staggered from the house on Topton Street and bled to death on the lawn and in the gutter outside.

One was stabbed twice in the chest and the other through the armpit, severing a major artery and causing massive blood loss.

Mr Webber also suffered a wound to the back of his left thigh in the bloody brawl, and was seen painfully hobbling as he led police through the crime scene after he was released without charge last Tuesday.

The traumatised teenager didn’t even know he had stabbed anyone until he saw the blood on his hands when he called police.

Then he put the bloodied knife on a chopping board in the kitchen, where the melee occurred, and lay on the ground with his hands behind his head as police arrived.

Chilling photographs taken at the Webber home on Thursday show blood drops staining the concrete veranda of Webber's family home
Mr Webber opened his home (pictured) to a terrified Candice Locke, after she begged for shelter

Mr Webber never signed up for a violent home invasion that would change his life forever. He just had a few beers watching the NRL Grand Final and fell asleep on the couch.

He awoke suddenly to Candice Locke, 29, banging on the door of his family’s holiday home in the sleepy beach town, hysterical and begging to be let in.

‘Don’t let them get me, they are very bad people,’ she pleaded.

Soon after, four men showed up in a car and Mr Webber hid Ms Locke on the kitchen floor, turned out the lights, and called 000.

He was told the Ayr police station had no one who could come because they had people in custody with only one officer to guard them, and just to sit tight.

Father-of-three Corey Christensen, 37, was allegedly stabbed after storming Mr Webber's home with Tom Davy and a third, unnamed man
Thomas Davy, 27 (pictured) was fatally stabbed by Dean Webber in the early hours of Monday morningย 

The car left, but returned soon after, this time with seven men, and Mr Davy, Mr Christensen, and a third man ripped the screen door off its tracks and stormed in.

‘We’ve got you now, you little p***k,’ they said as they approached, a source close to the investigation told the Courier Mail.

The chain of events that led to the bloody brawl is still not entirely clear as Ms Locke is yet to give a statement to police as she recovers in hospital.

The young woman, daughter of former Cowboys NRL player Martin Locke, had surgery on a badly dislocated shoulder and is still in hospital.

Ms Locke and her boyfriend Mr Davy were watching the Sydney Roosters thrash the Melbourne Storm in Alva Beach and met Mr Christensen.

They bonded over their love of rugby league and shared more than a few drinks together.

Mr Webber, 19, was heroically protecting Ms Locke when he blindly stabbed at the men who had stormed his house, police sources said
Candice Locke, 29 (pictured) begged Mr Webber for help after knocking on his door in the early hours of Monday morningย 

Ms Locke and Mr Davy argued about whether they should kick on at an after party in a vacant block next to Mr Christensen’s home and over the road from the local surf club.

The young woman was eventually persuaded and they ended up at the sandy beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The trio, along with others, were drunkenly driving quad bikes around the beach, and Ms Locke told Mr Webber she was pushed off one of them and hurt her shoulder.

Ms Locke wanted to call an ambulance for her busted shoulder, but Mr Davy, Mr Christensen and others insisted she should hold off.

They were worried that whoever was driving the quad bike she fell, or was pushed, from could be charged with drink driving, police sources said.

It is believed Dean Webber, 19 (pictured) was acting in self-defense when he grabbed the small kitchen knife
Paul Webber, the uncle of Dean Webber, outside his Ayr home,ย says his nephew is upset

Ms Locke was not convinced and took off running, looking for somewhere to call for help and wait for a ride to hospital.

She happened upon Mr Webber’s home, the first house she saw with its lights on, and ran up to the door in a panic, begging whoever was inside to let her in.

The apprentice fitter and Air Force cadet is now with family at an unknown location trying to recover from the incident that police sources say ‘destroyed’ him.

The teenager’s uncle Paul Webber admitted his nephew was understandably feeling guilty about what happened.

‘He’s pretty upset as you’d imagine, our whole family is devastated,’ he said from his home in nearby Ayr.

‘I’ve only seen him for a few minutes, I gave him a hug and that’s about it

‘I don’t really know how it all happened, I’ve been trying not to think about it.’

Corey Christensen's grieving widow, Jaye, spoke of her loss at a press conferenceย 


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