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Women Reject Man of Same Ethnicity Over ‘No Dating Asians’ Policy


Women Reject Man of Same Ethnicity Over ‘No Dating Asians’ Policy

A dating show contestant has been rejected by two women of the same ethnicity as him who cited a ‘no dating Asians’ policy.

When George Silvino, from Sydney, walked on stage for the dating show Take Me Out, two women of Asian descent instantly decided they were not interested him.

Host Joel Creasey asked the women why they weren’t interested in the man to which the first woman replied: ‘I kind of have a “no dating Asians” policy.’

‘You kind of look a bit like my brother,’ she said.

Dating show contestant Gianna said she didn't want to date George Silvino because she has a 'not dating Asians' policy

In the show men try to impress a panel of thirty women in the hope of landing a date.

If the women are interested in the men they leave their light on, if they aren’t interested they switch their light off.

Mr Creasey then asked the second woman why she switched her light off for Mr Silvino.

‘I’m sorry, I have a no dating Asian policy as well,’ she said.

‘I don’t want to get mistaken for brother and sister, it could get awkward.

‘Because I’m Asian I’m allowed to say that.’

After the show aired last week people had a mixed reaction to the women’s dating policy.

‘Attractive women: he’s hot. Unattractive self-hating Asian women: he’s ugly because he looks like my brother,’ one person commented on the YouTube video.

‘I don’t get why almost all the Asians weren’t open to him? I’m Asian but I think that guy is pretty good looking and I like his confidence, I’d give him a fair chance at least,’ another person said.

Dating show contestant Sheree also did not want to date George Silvino because she didn't want to get mistaken for siblings

But not everyone was upset by the women’s choices.

‘I have a no dating Asians policy too what’s so wrong? ‘ one person said.

‘Actually I don’t see the problem. I’m Asian myself, and I like white girls more, but that doesn’t mean I hate yellow girls,’ another person said.

‘Preference is not necessarily racist ….. and yeah, I’ve heard black white etc. Saying they wouldn’t date their own race,’ a person said.

Mr Silvino posted a response to the show on his YouTube channel said he did not think there was any malice behind the women’s comments.

‘Were these comments racist? Yes they absolutely f***ing were,’ he said.

‘In that context on a game-show there was no bad intentions. It’s probably safe to say those comments were not said in a spiteful or hateful sense towards myself or other Asian men.’

However, later in the video he said based on comments he had seen on social media, it seemed like it was all too common that Asian women had these opinions of Asian men.

‘Yes, of course these types of Asian b****** do exist. They think they’re too good for Asian guys. They discriminate solely based on race.’

When George Silvino (pictured) walked on stage for the dating Show Take Me Out two women of Asian descent instantly decided they were not interested him


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