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Australian Vigilantes Hunt Down Man Who Allegedly Raped a Young Boy


Australian Vigilantes Hunt Down Man Who Allegedly Raped a Young Boy

An alleged sex offender accused of raping a 13-year old schoolboy and freed on bail may have been safer behind bars.

A modern day lynch mob is targeting Moud Ul Hasan Nuri, 40, who walked out of Sydney’s Penrith Local Court on Thursday after being granted bail over charges of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy.

Nuri’s address has already been posted widely across social media, with online trolls calling for blood.

Moud Ul Hasan Nuri, 40, leaves court to a barrage of abuse from angry citizens. 
Moud Ul Hasan Nuri makes a break from a waiting media pack outside court

Nuri was arrested on Sunday night, only hours after police allege he raped the teenager, whom he allegedly met through the online dating site Grindr, in the front yard of his Blacktown home.

After being held in custody overnight, Nuri was granted bail on Monday in Parramatta Local Court.

But he reappeared in court on Thursday afternoon, with police declining to contest his bail and adjourning the case until December.

Nuri’s own Facebook profile picture has changed from a photo of himself to a black square as online vigilantes up their attacks.

Online abuse ranges from crude profanities to outrageous threats of violence against the accused man.

‘Let’s rape the c–t’s throat with a 12-inch knife,’ one reads.

‘I would have shot that c–t,’ another remarks.

A Facebook page dedicated to justice posts memes calling on Nuri to be shot and is littered with calls to kill him.

‘Hunt the bastard down, chop his nuts,’ one post reads.

‘Filthy thing needs to be shot,’ another says.

Police have called for calm, warning people not to take the law into their own hands.

‘The NSW Police Force does not condone or tolerate any form of violence. We respect an individual’s right to voice their opinion or express their views but making threats and inciting violence is a crime,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘Further, we discourage anyone from engaging in vigilante behaviour and instead allow justice to be served by the courts.’

Under strict bail conditions, Nuri has to report to Riverstone Police Station three times every week.

He is not to go within 500m of the boy’s home and he is not to try to contact the alleged victim or any witnesses.

Nuri has had to surrender his passport and phone, and he must inform police if he gets a new one.

Walking out of Penrith Local Court on Thursday, Nuri was met by a group of people who began hurling abuse at him.

‘Dirty paedophile,’ one person yelled at Nuri.

‘You’re a dog…hand yourself in’, another screamed.

The court heard Nuri and the teenage boy met through dating app Grindr and exchanged photos and personal details before the youngster deleted the app and cut contact with Nuri.

Police will allege that an angry Nuri then drove to the boy’s family home, pushed him over and sexually assaulted him in the front yard.

Nuri only stopped his alleged attack when the boy’s mother heard her son screaming and rushed to his aid – at which point he ran to his car and fled the scene, the court was told.

Moud Ul Hasan Nuri Facebook photo before he replaced it with a black square
Moud Ul Hasan Nuri is facing threats of violence and abuse from online trolls

The I.T expert had proudly boasted on social media about several online businesses, selling everything from electronic products to kids toys.

It is also believed Nuri was an app development tutor at tertiary colleges in the area.

Police allege Nuri pushed the boy to the ground and sexually assaulted him without consent about 6.45pm on Friday, September 28.

After police were called to the scene the boy was taken to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for examination.

An investigation by the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad led to him being arrested at his home on Sunday and taken to Riverstone Police Station for questioning.

He was charged with sexual intercourse without consent and initially refused bail.

But during a bail hearing at Parramatta Bail Court on Monday he was allowed to walk free on strict conditions which were continued in Penrith Local Court on Thursday.

The matter is due to reappear before Blacktown Local Court on December 13.


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