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‘This Is the Way That Our Beloved Luggage Is Treated!!’ – VIDEO


‘This Is the Way That Our Beloved Luggage Is Treated!!’ – VIDEO

Baggage handlers have been caught throwing suitcases and fragile boxes off a conveyor belt at Hong Kong airport.

The workers were seen picking up the suitcases as they were being unloaded off a Cathay Pacific flight and lobbing them onto a nearby cart.

A video of the airport staff forcefully handling the bags was posted on social media on Thursday.

The 37 second video shows two luggage handlers at Hong Kong airport roughly grabbing suitcases from a conveyor belt and throwing them into the metal container.

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Some of the roughly handled luggage had 'fragile' stickers on them but workers still chucked them off the belt into other suitcases

Two men could be seen throwing 11 bags, including cardboard boxes with fragile stickers, as two other workers watch on as the bags and boxes crash into other items.

Marcela Fernanda Solis Walker saw the workers on the tarmac at Hong Kong airport unloading passengers’ luggage and filmed their actions.

She posted alongside the clip: ‘This the way that our beloved luggage is treated!! I made the video this morning once my flight landed in the flight was CX5617 xiamen- hongkong departure 7:40am 27 of September . Landed on hongkong airport around 9:00 am.’

Around 11 items of luggage were seen being thrown as some workers watched on

The video has been shared more than 100,000 times and viewed by over 6 million people – sparking outrage online.

Ms Solis Walker uploaded the video after taking a Cathay Pacific flight from Xiamen, China to Hong Kong.

The workers unloading the luggage wore Hong Kong Airport Services (HAS) uniform – a provider owned by Cathay Pacific, reported the South China Morning Post.

Ms Solis Walker told the South China Morning Post: ‘I don’t have any intention to make any trouble to the workers.

‘I only wanted other people to be aware of the situation.’

One user said online: ‘Clearly they not happy with their jobs hope the airline or someone with authority saw this and fired them idiots.’

One woman added: ‘Absolutely Horrendous. Everyone of them should be sacked,’

Another said: ‘Don’t vent your anger on passengers luggage!’

Another Facebook user wrote: ‘Lazy Lazy Lazy.’

The service provider told the Post the company was investigating and had taken the matter up with the supplier.

A spokesman added: ‘We sincerely apologise to the passengers of our customer airlines in this particular incident.’


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