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Disgruntled Kangaroo Rushes Into Road and Attacks Cyclist


Disgruntled Kangaroo Rushes Into Road and Attacks Cyclist

This is the surprising moment that a kangaroo jumps on an unsuspecting cyclist.

Five people can be seen cycling down a dusty road in eastern Australia while two small kangaroos hop alongside them.

After a few seconds one of the kangaroos crosses into the middle of the road, in front of a row of three cyclists, but suddenly turns back to leap on one of them.

The two kangaroos (left) hopped alongside the cyclists on the dusty road in eastern Australia

The creature launches itself at the cyclist on the far right and bounces off to the left hand side of the clip.

Another kangaroo appears to have stayed back and fallen behind the cyclists.

The cyclists can be heard nervously laughing after the unexpected contact with the animal.

Two people who had ended up in front of the kangaroo quickly look back to see what happened after those involved exclaimed, clearly confused.

They said: ‘Normally we see the kangaroos but never really come into close contact.

One of the creatures crossed to the other side of the road but appears to have been spooked and turned around, launching at one of the bikes
The surprised cyclist said the kangaroo hit the front wheel and they'd never encountered one this close while out riding bikes before
It was knocked to the left side of the road as the cyclists paused, confused at what just happened

‘This last ride saw two kangaroos panic and turn to change direction, with one launching and landing on my front wheel.’

The video then shows the cyclists going up an incline as brazen kangaroos again cross their path.

Neither the animal or the rider was injured.


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