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One-Punch Coward Who Killed a Man Released From Jail to Play Football


One-Punch Coward Who Killed a Man Released From Jail to Play Football

A one-punch killer sentenced to a minimum of six years of prison is being released on weekends from prison to play football.

Dylan Closter, punched David Cassai, 22, in the Victorian coastal town of Rye on New Year’s Eve 2012, leaving him with a fractured skull before he died hours later. 

After being sentenced to nine years prison with a non-parole period of six years in 2014, Mr Closter is now being released into the community to play football. 

Dylan Closter
David Cassai

‘To me, he hasn’t really serviced his punishment and that is a dagger in my heart,’ the victim’s devastated mother Caterina Politishe told 7 News. 

‘To think that he’s been released, David doesn’t get a second chance.’  

Mr Closter, now 24, was pictured enjoying a soft drink and socialising with friends after his game for the Rushworth Football Club in footage shown by 7 News. 

His football coach told the network he was not aware of Mr Closter’s history, but said he was a ‘great guy’ who has done a lot for the club including fundraising. 

He is also in line for the best club man award at the  end of the season.  

Caterina Politi, pictured left, with her son Mr Cassai, at a party before the fatal one-punch attack 
Ms Politi was devastated to find out her son's killer has been released to play football. 'To think that he's been released, David doesn't get a second chance,' she said. 

The Victorian Government will now be reviewing the decision for him to play football, The Age reported.  

 ‘It is the Government’s expectation that decisions like this take into account the impact on victims,’ Corrections Minister Gayle Tierney said.

‘I have asked for this decision to be reviewed and if changes have to be made they will be.’

Police Minister Lisa Neville, while acknowledging it would have been a huge shock for the victim’s Mum, told the publication: ‘People in these minimum security facilities do get day releases’.

‘They are transported there and back and someone supervises them during that… country football is one of the areas minimum security do contribute to. They are assessed around their risks, she said.


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